The Reflagging of the 2nd Bn, 320th Field Artillery, “The Balls of the Eagle” to the 2nd Bn, 32nd Field Artillery, “Proud Americans” was attended by many 2/320th Veterans as well as many 320th Veterans from other eras.  No other element of the 101st DivArty was reflagged.  The other battalions of the 320th remain with the 101st DivArty.  It is of the opinion of many Veterans, along with many Officers, that the only one reason for the change was to be “politically correct” by no longer referring to a unit as “The Balls of the Eagle”.   

As expected the current troops of the unit will continue serving our country in an outstanding manner and are “Proud Americans” in more ways than just being a member of an Army unit.  They are well trained, well-disciplined and ready for any enemy.  May they be blessed and protected as they stand guard over the USA!