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Letters to Home


This is a letter that Joe Beaulieu, B Btry 2/320th, 1970-1971 wrote home on June 1, 1970 shortly after an attack on their position at Fire Base Katheryne on May 23, 1970.  Joe included the first 2 pages to share with all of us.  The remainder of his letter is personal and not posted here.  TW, webmaster



There are plenty of Social Media Sites these days where people are communicating with each other.  There is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and many more. None of these methods of commo are dedicated exclusively to the 320th Field Artillery. On most of these "sites" the commo is quickly lost somewhere down the page.  None of these sites are "private" although they claim to restrict access to certain people who have been accepted into a group.


I've asked for input from anyone who visits this 320th Association website.  I've asked for news of each other, pictures and anything that is relevant.  With few exceptions I've received nothing.  


Simply put, there is no evidence of a new Newsletter on our site because there is no news to publish.  So, if you give me the news you would like to not only share but, have preserved for later reference I am all for it.  Also, anything you want kept private will not be shared with anyone except the Association Board of Directors.


No individual contact information of any sort is ever given to anyone without their permission.


Until I have some news to publish;  Shot, Out!  Tom Walinski, Webmaster.



This is from Joe Beaulow. Joe and Jim Wright were close Friends to James W Hessing from Bayfield, WI who was KIA 23 May 1970 "The Wall", Panel 10 W Line 85, Buried in Hessing Family Plot in Bayfield, WI.


When Joe and Jim came back from V/Nam they bought Motorcycles in Ft Lewis, WA and rode to Bayfield, WI to see Hessing’s Mom and visit his grave. They stayed in contact with his Mom all these years. Mrs. Hessing also passed away recently.


This is my Nam buddy Jim Wright who now  has ALS. I framed two photos of him then and now. I thought you'd like to see them . Take care , Joe.



The next Association Reunion will be held in Clarksville, TN in concert with the local Clarksville community and the Vietnam Veterans of America "Welcome Home" celebration.  It is held in September and our reunion will be the 12th thru the 15th.  We had an excellent time visiting with old friends and new at the last reunion. I urge you to consider attending.  Entertainment was provided by Lee Greenwood and a Bob Hope Show tribute group.  The Clarksville Mayor and several dignataries were in attendance and spoke kindly of all the troops, active and vets.  It was quite a change from the days of the "locals" almost tolerating the troopers of the 101st.  I think they realized a HUGE economic loss when the entire Division was deployed to VN and they have not forgotten the troops now with all the deployments to the M.E.  Also, I believe they are sincere in expressing their appreciation. Airborne! Air Mobile! Air Assault!  Tom Walinski