February 2009


 News From The 50’s

Rodger... Hi and happy New Year!  I did receive the information on the reunion but as I am not a past or present officer I did not respond.   How is your winter?  Am writing from Tucson where it is great but we just got back from Bremerton and just got over I-5 when it closed for several days. We could not have driven over Snoqualmie Pass as it was also closed for several days because of the avalanche problem.  Then we thought we would (in Oregon) drop over to 101 to bypass the Siskiyou Mountains and it was so foggy that we could not see the ocean... the weather cleared up at about Bakersfield as we headed inland.  I gave you this only because you have traveled the route so many times.   Ray and Sherry.

PS... Got a nice note from the Groats at Christmas.


06 February 2009 This note just in from Elroy's Finke’s wife Linda 320-B-53-56.


Just wanted to let you guys know that your Buddy Elroy had a kidney transplant Wednesday night at 9:00.  He came out of surgery at 1:30 Thursday morning and is doing really well.  The Donor was a lady and Elroy's only question was, Dr. do I have to sit down when I go to the bathroom now. He really is doing remarkable and the kidney seems to be function at this time really well.  Let us pray that it will continue.  I will keep you informed of his progress. 



13 May 2009. Update on Elroy Finke. I just got off the phone with Elroy and he is doing great. He was on Dialysis for 8 months prior to the transplant. It has been over three months since the transplant and no rejections problems so far


10 February 2009 One of the many address updates I receive. This is from Deryl and Bonnie Roark 320-AAA-55-56. Rodger, new info
Deryl Roark

Phone--305 731-3455
Thanks, Roark


10 February 2009 Howard Wanke SVC Btry 51-54 has sent me several messages asking about the status of his membership. I found his message filed away in the WRONG FILE. I have a file for Membership Questions and when I drag and drop the message I apparently dropped it in the file below and it went unanswered for quite some time. I finally got back to him and this is Howard’s reply.

Hi Rog,
I have mailed a check to you for $200  Please use $100 to pay my lifetime dues and the other $100 to help any of our guys that need it.

Best Regards to All.


My reply:


Thanks ever so much for your Lifetime dues and the donation to help out another 320th Trooper. Over the last 20+ years we have been sending the Newsletter to a lot of guys that can’t afford Membership and are down on their luck due to ill health and other reasons. It is these extra donation’s that really makes all this possible. Many thanks Howard from Leone and I and all your 320th Friends


11 February 2009 I received Gene Ramey’s email address (320-SVC-53-55) but he hadn’t added me to his address book and was being blocked. I called Gene and got his A/M so left a message for him and this is his reply.

Thanks for the comeback Rodger.  We have a lot in common. I retired from law enforcement after 39 years of service in 1998 and enjoy sleeping late. I also spent 2 1/2 yrs with SVC Battery 320th from 53 to 55.

Eugene Ramey 320-SVC-53-55


26 February 2009

I was working on the 50’s SVC Btry group this morning updating information. I ran across Dale and Charlotte Ducette’s name and called to check up on Charlotte. I talked to daughter Dayle. She is a Nurse but has taken leave to care full time for her mom. Charlotte fell two weeks ago and bruised her hip but didn’t break anything. She is very sore and is in bed most of the time right now but is doing as good as can be expected. Charlotte’s daughter has email if you would like to contact her. Dayle4au@knology.net



30 April 2009 Edwin R “Bob” Hart “A” Btry 51/54.

I sent this email to Joyce


I received a phone call a few minutes ago that Bob had passed away. I'm so sorry to get this news and you and your family will be in our prayers. I will wait to hear from you personally before I let the rest of the 320th FA Troopers know.

I tried to call you but the phone number I have 806-825-2021 has been disconnected. If you have a new phone number and address please let me know so I can up-date our records and pass that new info to the Troops as well.

.We would also like to get a copy of the Obituary for the "Newsletter" or if an On Line version is available, the address for that. All my information is in my signature below. Please let me know if you need any names or addresses of Bob's Airborne Friends.

In "Airborne Spirit and Service"



Message from Mrs. Hart

Thank you for your email.  Bob passed away Tuesday morning April 28.  Our new number is 903-473-1493. Address is Box 817 Emory, Texas 75440

Thank you so much for your help.

Joyce Hart


3 March 2009 Hi Rodger,

Enclosed please find my $10.00 Money order for my 2009 Association Dues. “How Time Flies”.

I’m interested in the Liberty Jump Outfit and whatever information you can send me. I’d like to make that jump in June 2009 in France for 65th Anniversary of “D” Day. My new phone number is 860-928-4298.


Clyde Giambattista “C” Btry 320th 55/56

33 Sawmill Rd

Dayville, CT 06241-1529


22 April 2009 Update on Hank and Mary Lou Groat HQ Btry 55/56 from Daughter Kim.

Hi everyone,
The good news is that I haven't written much, if at all, over the last few months because things were staying pretty level. No major crises to deal with and no huge improvements.

The not so good news is that both my mom & dad aren't doing as well and are slowly losing ground at the moment. It seems that as one of them becomes ill it upsets the other which then makes the second ill as well.
To explain as quickly as possible, Dad is having a good deal of trouble eating and keeping it down - esophagus is too constricting. We've gone to the hospital about four times so far to have it worked on and it hasn't helped enough so far. This Thursday at 6 am, we will go again, please keep him in prayer. The other issue is that because of the eating problem and being taken on and off his meds to prep for the procedure this Thursday (as well as in the past) he seems to be having more of a problem with his heart again. Over the last two and a half months he had no hits from his pacemaker until yesterday (Tuesday) and a handful of mini episodes that registered on his pacemaker (think of it as a black box on an airplane). Also important, he's lost a lot of weight, 18o lbs.as of late.
Still, I have hope and so does he that he will be able to visit Buffalo in July, for the family reunion, in our RV so he's comfortable and horizontal. Also, look for him in La Plata, MD for the Patty Denman event, May 2nd. Dad is really excited about going. Pray that he's up to that too.

  Mom has issues that are and have been plaguing her for months. Her arthritis has been a source of continuing pain. Medication doesn't seem to help and even physical therapy, though helpful for awhile, seems to have lost it's effectiveness. She needs help walking, getting up and down out of chairs, and other personal care sometimes. Our concern is that she may need more help than I can give her by myself. And you know Dad/Hank, he'll try to help her, but that's a very bad idea because it just weakens him.  Her blood sugar is not staying as level or as low as it needs to be and she is having recurring fluid retention in her hands and feet. Yesterday Mom & I went to the doctor about this and he said there is also some fluid in her lungs and he's concerned that it's her heart.

   There is no doubt that the doctors are able to intervene and help to some amount, but I'm very concerned that we are seeing a progression that will not be changing course. 

   Compartmentalizing seems to work the best for me right now, keep moving, don't feel it, yet. I'm sad but hopeful for every moment they're still around.  I thank God for every day that not only Mom and Dad are here but also Aunt Marilyn, Carole and all the matriarchs of the Groat family. Just like Aunt Belle, you guys are a VERY tough act to follow. And I'm not even 50 yet, so I'm not old enough to take up that mantle!!  :)
Love to you all,


26 June 2009 Update on Groats from Walt and Joan.

Hi Rodg & Leone,
Hope you guys are well.

We are on our first long trip since giving up the rig. Stopping to visit Daughter Carol in Richmond and then off to FL to see Karen.

We just had lunch with Hank and Mary Lou. They are looking good. Hank has lost much weight. Both are fragile but doing much better than we expected. Daughter Kimberly does a great job helping them out. Perhaps we will stop again on the trip back. 
Take care, Walt and Joan Ducharme


06 May 2009 Email address update from Anthony “Tony” M Sann 320-B-54-56

My new address is lmsann@centurytel.net


01 June 2009 Hello Rodger & Leone:

 Thought we had better get a note off to you - unfortunately, we will NOT be attending the reunion in Clarksville, TN this September.  Leonard has had three surgeries in the past two years, the most recent was April 30th, Pancreatic Cancer was found by accident!  We have been assured that the surgery was a success and the docs got all of the bad tissue.  But, Leonard is having a very slow time recuperating. 

 I think, if I'm not mistaken, that this will be maybe the second time that we have missed the reunion.  Leonard has always looked forward to visiting Ft Campbell, seeing many of  the fellas from the 320th. 

 We hope that you and Leone are in good health, do keep in touch.

 Faye & Leonard Kraft


07 July 2009 "C" Btry 55/56 update on Milt Parsons

I just got off the phone with Milt Parsons and he has been in bad shape for 1 1/2 years now. He went on a fishing trip to Newfoundland and was not feeling well for quite some time after he got back.


He got so bad he had to call a friend in to take the trash out for him. The friend took one look at Milt and called 911 and sent him to the Hospital. The Dr told Milt if he had waited 5 more hours he would have died. He had pneumonia and they later found cancer. He was treated for the pneumonia and received chemo for the cancer.


Milt was at home when I called today but he was out of the house and driving up I-95 when we got done with the call. I'm glad to report he is much better at this time. He is planning on attending the reunion if no other setbacks take place.



11 July 2009 From Mrs. Geraldine Dabbs

My husband, Hubert Dabbs passed away on the second of July. He had been on dialysis for six years and fought many problems. He started at the age of 75 and would have been 81 in Oct. He had colon cancer and had surgery in June of 2008. He never fully recovered for he had CHF, diabetes and renal failure. He was buried at the Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery on the 7th of July. He left the airborne in l952 after a jump messed up his left knee. He worked in the medics for awhile and then the missile field from1958 till retirement. His obituary can be seen on line---Porter Loring.com. He never recognized any names when he read your e-mails. We married in l953 and had our 56th anniversary the day before he died. He will be missed by his family and friends.

                                                                          Mrs.Geraldine Dabbs

18718 Creekside Pass

San Antonio, TX. 78259-3312




News From the 60’s and 70’s 

24 Feb 2009 I received this note from Col (ret) Wayne Kubasko with 2009 Annual dues.

Enclosed are my Membership Dues of ten dollars.

Thank you for continuing to send me the Association Newsletter and keeping my address and phone number confidential. Col (ret) Wayne Kubasko.


24 February, 2009 John Graham just sent me this message. We all need to keep Larry Engardio in our prayers.  He is battling cancer.

This is Larry's info.

Engardio, William L "Larry" AKA “Hill Jack”.


RR 1 Box 198

Raven VA 24639-9317




Sarge, I guess you have been wondering where I have been. I have been going to VA in Johnson City to have a knot checked out on my leg. Just found out it is a malignant tumor and very rare at that, they are trying to determine how to treat. They will have to do some chemo to shrink before they can do surgery to remove it. Keep me in your prayers.



03 March 2009 From Col (ret) Clarence R “Bucky” Buchwald A/2/320/68/68

Thanks for including me in your distribution. 


I would like to add a "Remembrance"


As you know the LOH (Low Observation Helicopter)  included:


Capt. Michael Lee Woodside HHB 2/320 field artillery 101 Abn div.-- Aerial Observer.   The cobra works with a LOH and the team identifies and attacks the enemy.   Mike was doing Aerial Reconnacence for the Cobra.  And after the Cobra crashed, he attempted rescue and was also shot down. and


Capt. Lyle John Thimpson, Battery C, 2/138 Artillery, Kentucky National Guard attached to 101 Abn Div. Battery Commander.  He was doing a recon for a new fire base. and


Lt Billy Gene Creech,  Battery A, 377th Field Artillery, 101 Abn Div. Pilot of LOH. 

God Bless America



15 May 2009 Update on Larry Engardio from John Graham.

I just got a call from Larry Engardio he had  his surgery the 13th of May and thinks he will get to go home the 15th and will start his Chemo soon after that. He was feeling very good.

 Graham, John F


23 June 2009 Edmund L Audelo I called Edmund again and had a nice visit. I was reading the "after action report" on sad hill and checking the data base to see that all named personnel were listed.

I have questions about a first name and middle initial for the Battery Medic PFC Rothwell.

Where was he from and who knew him? He had to bunk somewhere and someone must have seen him for treatment at some time.

As far as I can recollect this is the first time I heard of PFC Rothwell.

According to the (After Action Report On Sad Hill) and I quote, "PFC Rothwell had moved throughout Battery treating the wounded. His swift action undoubtedly saved SSG Webster Anderson and many others. Someone needs to come up with a first name so we can locate him. Won't you please help????? Rodg

23 June 2009 From David Pilling

I knew PFC Rothwell. He was the medic on Sad Hill and after, but I will try to look for his first name.

 I thought he bunked with the FDC, but am not for sure. I may have a picture of him, I will check.

David Pilling


From Mike Pugh

Hi Roger
I met up Ed (Edward Audelo) after he came back from the hospital and he introduced me to a medic. This was after Sad Hill and before I went south with 'D' Battery. I remember this medic would not carry a weapon, which I thought was crazy. He was against killing and said he could carry TWO medic loads instead of a rifle & ammo. Anyway, maybe this was the guy you are looking for. You might give Eddie a call back and check or I could call him if you like.
Mike Pugh


From David Flood

Hello Roger,

   I didn't know you where looking for Rothwell. I tried to locate him in Connecticut with no results. The man is a "HERO". He saved many lives before and after "Sad Hill".


John Francis Rothwell

14 Beechwood Rd

Vernon, Ct 06040

Service Number: US 51598731


I got this info off a copy of Rothwell's DD214.

Date of Birth: 8 May 46

Date Inducted: 7 Jul 66

John's Rank was Spc4


   On one of my visits with Webster Anderson he told me how Rothwell saved his life. Rothwell was tending to Webster's wounds as the grenades kept coming in. Rothwell was holding an IV bottle in the air and trying to shield Webster from the grenade blasts with his own body. Webster was bleeding out and assumed he was going to die. He tried pushing Rothwell off of him and to crawl away. Rothwell flipped Webster over each time and continued to shield him. Rothwell was also there at the bombing on Birmingham.

 Dave Flood

 Balls of the Eagle

From Rodg

 The first thing I did when I received Dave Floods info is run Johns SS Number (I removed Johns SS # from this info) through the SSDI (Social Security Death Index) and he does not come up. Normally this means he is still alive however I can't find a trace of him yet. I also checked his Birthday and Last Name in SSDI with the same results.


I next used the old address from Dave’s info and got in contact with Helen Stangland that lives in the house in CT that they bought from Johns parents. She knew that Johns Mom and Dad moved to CT. and that both have passed away now.


Helen gave me the name of Fay Risley an old neighbor and friend of the family from CT. I talked to Fay this AM and she knew that John had a sister but thinks she has also passed away. She has no info on John at all.


Fay also gave me info on a Janet Harris in Tolland CT that was close to Johns Family and I have a message on an Answering Machine there. Will have to wait and see what develops from that call.


As far as to whom we are looking for!!!!

 We are looking for anyone that ever served with the 320th Field Artillery at any time period. We have a group of 50 guys that served in the 320th in Berlin Germany in late 80s and early 90s until the Wall came down. They will be at the Reunion this September. This will be their first time together since Berlin. Some won't be able to attend as they are still on Active duty and Deployed at this time.


I do hope many of you come to this Reunion as I'm getting to old to host very many more. We have no one that has stepped forward and said they would like to take the lead however we have had a lot of guys that said they would be glad to help in any way they can.

24 June 2009 I received a call today from Janet Harris and she gave me the phone number for John’s brother Michael. I'm sorry to report that John passed away about ten years ago of cancer due to Agent Orange. Michael will send me some pictures and the obituary which I will have scanned and send to you.

 At this point in time we have no explanation why Johns death does not show up in the SSDI (Social Security Death Index) but Michael confirmed that John did pass away.

Michael is an artist and travels a lot visiting with his children in the states of WA and CO but said he will be at home most of this summer. He would be glad to talk to any of you that would like to give him a call. We have Michael on the roster now to receive the Newsletter. His info is:

 Michael Rothwell

111 Duck Cove Rd

Roque Bluffs, ME 04654-3220



Berlin Brigade 80’s and 90’s 

I’m not going to use email messages from the Berlin Redlegs this time. I’m going to fill you in on what I know about them. They are a large group that have been with us a very short time, just since our last reunion.


Several attempts have been made at organizing them through a website by SFC Brian Lucke, also Face Book and Yahoo Groups with a lot of success. They were in the process of talking about a reunion when we came on the scene and we already had a date set up for our next reunion.


We invited them to join us and we recently received a list of 30 that said they would attend our Reunion.

Leone and I went to Clarksville in March to set up the Reunion and I called a number of the local guys to visit. We had the pleasure of meeting Don Masson and his wife of the Berlin Redlegs as well as many others.

The Berlin Redlegs are scattered all over the United States and around the world with many of them still on active duty. They served in Berlin, Germany in the late 80’s and early 90’s before the Berlin Wall came down. Some of them came to Ft Campbell, KY to serve more time with the 320/101st.


Some of our new friends are having a tough time with finances and are having trouble making a decent living. One Berlin Redleger has been sending a donation to the 320th Association almost every month to help his buddies that are less fortunate. He says that he can afford to do this and is his way of taking care of his friends.


Present Day Troops 


The Following Photo and Article is courtesy of the Galena Gazette, Local Newspaper in Galena, IL. Galena is about 10 miles from Hazel Green, WI where I live and Scales Mound, IL is about 15 miles away. This Article is dated Tuesday, October 17, 2006. There is a new Article out on Marty Holland just last week in which Marty was promoted to Col at a ceremony at the Pentagon. That Article will be in our next Newsletter. 



Lt. Col. Martin Holland, a 1982 graduate of Scales Mound High School, talked to students at the school on Friday, Oct. 13. Holland most recently served as Battalion Commander in Iraq. Jay Dickerson photo



by Jay Dickerson

SCALES MOUND, IL "This was a library when I went to school. It is good to be back here," said Lt. Col. Martin Holland, a smile on his face and the honors and awards he's received on his dress uniform, as he spoke to students during his return to Scales Mound schools last week.

Holland, a career Army officer and son of Ed and Betty Holland, Scales Mound, talked to students at Scales Mound Friday, Oct. 13. Students asked about his experiences in the military, and the things he's seen overseas.
And the students had questions:
What are those patches on your shirt?
Did you see any spiders?
Was it fun to jump out of a plane with a parachute?
Holland graduated from Scales Mound High School in 1982. He enlisted, right out of high school. He had an uncle in the Army. "I did think that was kind of what I wanted to do," Holland said.

He's a West Point graduate and a veteran of Operation Desert Storm, when he served in Iraq for eight months.

After that, he completed graduate school at the University of North Carolina, and went back to West Point to teach history.

In between it all, he was stationed at forts-Fort Monmouth, Fort Campbell, Fort Leavenworth-and continued his education and training.

He eventually went to Afghanistan in 2004, and back to Iraq in September 2005, as a battalion commander. Hundreds of soldiers were under his command.

Their primary mission: train Iraqi army, police and security forces so they can secure their own country. 

"We had to ID which places were important, so we knew which places to guard," he said.

Iraq, Holland said, is similar to California. It's not all desert, but it does get hot. In the summer, it can get up to 120 degrees. 

Watermelon grows well there. Holland said the soldiers saw trucks full of them.

"Iraq is a very diverse country, both geographically and the people who live there," Holland said.

The American soldiers and the Iraqi security forces got along well. "Every day I went and worked with Iraqis and made a lot of good friends. They'll run a good country where the laws are enforced and people don't get hurt."

Along with work went training. Soldiers training once a week, be it either first aid, or on tanks.

It wasn't all work, though. Holland authorized a New Year's Day fun run-he wore a Scales Mound shirt. He also authorized a gator race between the First Sergeants.
When he enlisted, he thought he'd only stay five years. The Army is his home, as much as Scales Mound. Through the Army, he enjoys what he's doing, his career is rewarding and his family likes it, too. He and his wife have children in fourth and eighth grade.
And, in response to the question asked by one of the Scales Mound Junior High students, it was fun to jump out of a plane. It was tranquil. 
On the plane, the engine's loud, but when you jump out, and the chute deploys, "It seemed like everything was just quiet," said Holland, in front of the students, with the honors and awards he's received on his dress uniform, and a smile on his face.


12 May 2009

Request to help a Fallen 4/320th Trooper’s Family

I am writing to you in need of help for a fallen 4/320 Field Artillery soldier’s family. Spc. Jeremy Gullett was killed in Afghanistan on May 7, 2008. He was a dedicated soldier and father. His family started a business recently bearing their soldiers name. They have had some rough times and are trying to keep the business going as it was Jeremy's dream that he and his dad start this business when he got out of the Army.

Coming up on May 29th 2009 there is a 506th Infantry memorial in Fort Campbell and Gold Star Family luncheon in which Jeremy will be honored along with my husband SSG Kevin Roberts (2/506th Infantry) as they were attached to each other this deployment and gave their lives together on May 7th.

I am asking if there is any way possible to get them some assistance to attend the memorial. Due to financial difficulties and trying to maintain the business they are unable to attend. I really appreciate your consideration in this matter. Thank you.


Donnice Roberts

Proud wife of SSG Kevin C. Roberts

KIA Afghanistan- May 7, 2008


Editors Note:

We checked with the Association Officers and received permission to send a check. This is a letter from Jeremy’s mom.


22 July 2009 Mr. Jacobson,       

It was a pleasant surprise hearing from you. We had no idea who really made it possible for us to attend the ceremony at Fort Campbell, but you will never know what it meant to us to attend such a wonderful event. The young men made our trip such a nice time, in a very difficult time in our lives.

Sergeant Wanless and SFC Berger drove all they way here to Kentucky to get us , and when we arrived back at Ft. Campbell took us around and showed us the base where my son spent time there getting ready for deployment. In a small way made us feel closer to our son.


Not only did we make it there for the Ceremony but they took us to the Military Ball at the Opryland Hotel. It was a wonderful time where they honored all the comrades they have lost in Iraq and Afghanistan, my son included.


There is one more thing you should know, on the one year mark of my precious sons death several of the young solders in my sons unit that were there that awful day surprised us by showing up on my doorstep to show their heart felt respect for my son Jeremy. They asked to visit his grave sight and it was an honor for us to do so with them.


 They shared some stories of my son from Afghanistan, which made us feel part of his life over there both happy and sad times which in a small way has helped us understand what my son went through in his final days over there. Jeremy’s unit Sergeant Aaron Wanless with tears flowing could barely get the words out to tell us what went on that final day of my son’s life. But when he was finished we understood that my son had so many great friends who really tried to save his live in vain, but I know his life wasn’t given in vain, I will forever be grateful for the true Americans such as yourself that keep the memory of solders such as my son alive. Thank you so much again.   


 Here are the names and email addresses of some of the soldiers in Jeremy’s unit that you wanted. I hope it helps, although I know a lot of them have been split up and sent to other parts of the country. My husband and I will do our best to attend the ceremony that you are planning, thank you for the invite.  

Sgt. Aaron Wanless phone # 832-279-2851  (awan822504@yahoo.com

SFC. Jeremy Berger 931-217-8997 (jeremy3x25@yahoo.com

SSG Jeremiah Turner 931-302-8256 (currently stationed at Schofield Barracks, HI)


SPC. Kyle Warren 817-223-8546 



I hope these will be helpful in your venture. God bless you for all you do in helping families such as mine. Thank you again.  With much respect Cheryl Gullett, Mother of Specialist Jeremy R Gullett



Robert “Wade” Sessions

24 Feb 1922-17 Nov 2007

WWII and 320/A/55/56 Lifetime Member

Wade’s widow Louise is in a Nursing home with Alzheimer’s

Jonathon Sessions, Grandson contact info is:

4708 Salem Dr.

Columbia, MO 65202-7213






Lt Leroy Lance 16 June 1922-19 Jan 2008

A” Btry 320 GFA WWII Goodland, KS


Joe V Paduck  07 May 1935- 24 Mar 2008

“B” Btry 320 55/56


M/Sgt Ret Hubert L Dabbs  Oct. 10, 1928/Jul. 2, 2009

Born in Humphrey, AR and resided in San Antonio, TX.

“C” Btry 320 51/53


Edwin R “Bob” Hart

Passed away Tuesday morning April 28, 2009

Emory, Texas “A” Btry 51/54



 “A” Btry WWII Glider Field Artillery 

I now have in my hands a WWII Glider Field Artillery “A” Battery Roster with home town addresses on it. It must have been given to me by one of the original 320th GFA guys we found many years ago. It has home town addresses on 140 of the guys that served in “A” Btry 320 GFA from 42/45. I have just completed adding all these guys to the data base and have started searching for them.


Many of these WWII Veterans are now deceased but a few I have visited with are Richard A Frisby from Fayette, MO. Richards first ride in a Glider was into Combat in Normandy. Richard added several names to the list that were missing. 1st Sgt William C Keyes from TX. Wilber or Wilbur Bower from Seattle, WA. He also mentioned Preston Clark that was already on the Roster from TX.


I called and talked to Edward J Schnetzler from Hartford, CT.  His first thought was that this phone call was some sort of scam. He said they get scam calls all the time. We talked about many things but one thing he wanted was to know if I could help him get a new 82nd Airborne Membership card. They were each given a card when discharged from service at Ft Dix New Jersey. His card is worn out and can hardly be read any more.


I received my yearly call from Carlton Johnson again this year. I was having trouble hearing Carlton as I was having sinus problems with a sore throat and it affected my ears and hearing also. When I was still driving truck I had visited Carlton several times.


I also stopped in Goodland, KS several times and Lt Leroy Lance would meet me at the Truck Stop for coffee and conversation. I’m sorry to report that Leroy passed away in 2008.



Webmaster Notes July 2009

Well, another two years have passed and how the time has flown.  Can we not all remember back when as children an adult would say to us something like, “Just wait, you’ll see; time will fly by the older you get!”  Man, were they RIGHT!  Time for another Reunion and it seems like the last just ended!  Hope to see a whole group of everyone from every era in Clarksville on September 24th thru 27th.


Two years since we put the website online!  I hope it has done some good for some of you in helping you keep in touch with a buddy, or finding a resource you needed, or maybe just seeing a picture of an old friend.  I do what I can with everything you send me.  I would ask that you send more pictures from the past – or present (please identify people and places where you can and send along a commentary). If there are links that are helpful to you and you think others could benefit from them let me know and I’ll put it on the web.  If you have stories or contacts with buddies it doesn’t have to wait for a Newsletter.  We can establish our own online Newsletter for posting up to date news about you, your family, your unit, buddies; just about anything.


The 320th Website was established so that we could have a better and faster way to communicate within our organization.  I took on the job of Webmaster because no one else volunteered….or maybe it was that everyone else took a step backward except me.  Anyhow, there are people in the 320th org who are very familiar with website authoring.  As a matter of fact, one of our members even won an award for Systems Engineer of the Year a few years ago.  So, even though our website has been authored by an amateur, me, it will likely stay in the same basic format unless and until someone steps forward who has more expertise in the field than I do.  But, it still can be used very effectively for its designated purpose meanwhile without a lot of glitz and glitter.  If any of you who are the experts would like to help make the website better than it is now and volunteer your time to do the work, not just give advice, I sure would be happy for the help.


Your Webmaster Tom “Waldo” Walinski