January 2010


News of the 320th Glider Field Artillery


Latham H Wells was the only WWII Glider Field Artillery Trooper to attend the Clarksville Reunion. Latham has also attended most all of the other 320th reunions that have been held so far. Latham rode a Glider across the English Channel into combat in WWII. Please read the “Notes From Our Association Officers” for an amusing story about Latham and milking cows.


Stats Concerning Membership in the 320th Field Artillery Association 

We have over 4.400 names on the Data Base, 550 of these were added in 2009, 1,140 of these were added in 2008, 281 were added in 2007, 800 are N/F (not found) Many of these carried as N/F do have an email address only. 265 have joined, paid dues in the past, and are now delinquent, 879 are Deceased or KIA. 140 are Lifetime Members, 65 are Paid Annual Members. 205 Paid Members are carrying well over 1,000 non-paying, plus the 300 widows, WWII Vets, friends with health problems that receive N/L free. 550 receive Paper Newsletter, 900 receive N/L by Computer. If you would like to Join the Association and help support the rest of your 320th friends please send $100.00 for Lifetime or $10.00 per year to; 320th FA Association, PO Box 14, Hazel Green, WI 53811-0014. The Association Website address is; www.320thfieldartilleryassociation.org and the Membership Application is available on the Website. My email address is; rodleone@centurytel.net

If you are receiving a hard copy of this Newsletter and you do have email, please send us your email address and enter my address in your address book. Please include 320th Field Artillery in the Subject Line when emailing me for the first time so I know to open it. Please remember that I have 2,900 email addresses in my address book and do delete all email without a Subject line unless I positively recognize the email address.

Please do your part and show your support by joining the 320th FA Association. Thank You,  rodg







Notes From Our Association Officers

Jan 1, 2010

Frank Rauch, Chairman

I am honored to have been elected Chairman of the 320th Field Artillery Association at the September Reunion in Clarksville. Our new team of Association Officers are committed to supporting the Association, seeing our membership grow, and insuring it is financially sound and positioned for the future. Although currently the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Battalions are assigned to the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), at Ft Campbell, KY, for many years, the 1st Battalion was assigned to the 82d Airborne Division, at Ft Bragg, NC, and "E" Battery was assigned to the famous Berlin Brigade, in Germany. Our membership includes veterans of WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Cold War, to the present conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan--the one constant is service with the 320th Field Artillery in peace and war. In the years ahead, let's broaden our horizons, and welcome any 320th veteran to our ranks. I would be remiss if I didn't thank Rodger Jacobson, for founding this Association, and continuing to serve as our Treasurer and champion finder of lost troopers!!  Please feel free to let me know your views regarding the future of the 320th Field Artillery Association. The New Officers are: Chairman; Frank Rauch
Vice-Chairman: Victor Alvarez, Secretary: a recent resignation causes this position to be open. Volunteers to fill this duty will be accepted. Treasurer: Rodger Jacobson, Sgt at Arms:  Deric Henry, Webmaster:  Tom Walinski, Rich Falkowski, JAG:  Dave Smith, Chaplain:  Ken Sudduth  WILLING AND ABLE!!!
Frank Rauch
COL, FA, U.S. Army (Retired)
Chairman,320th Field Artillery Association
130 Sunaire Terrace
Nokomis, FL 34275


Jan 7, 2010

Tom Walinski, Webmaster

I will get all the pictures on the site from the reunion ASAP, as well as others I’ve recently received.  I have not been doing real well physically. Taking things slower than my usual pace is hard for me. But sometimes reality sets in and I simply have to slow myself down on all fronts. So, please forgive my tardiness. I’ll get things settled ASAP. Tom



Jack Johnston, Immediate Past Vice Chairman

The 2009 320th Field Artillery reunion at the Riverview Inn was a successful event but was saddened by the recent death of our old friend Sgt. Joe Montoya from 1960's HQ. Btry FDC at FT. Campbell and Vietnam. 

Although I did not go to Vietnam my heart went with them and I feel a close bond to them as do my other fellow cold war vets.

The high points of the Reunion for me were hanging out with old friends and making new ones.

Latham Wells had some great stories to tell about growing up in depression era Texas on his family dairy farm where he milked 40 cows a day by hand. When Latham got his draft notice to report for induction into the service he had his choice of a farmer's deferment or go fight in WW-2. He chose the Nazis over the cows.

Latham was a 320th Glider Field Artillery veteran assigned to the 82nd Airborne and went over the English Channel in a glider. He and his Battery went all the way to Berlin and were at Bastogne and afterwards placed with a farm family, to thaw out. Their husband and son were killed by the Nazis, leaving only the mother and 2 young daughter's ages about 11 and 13 to do the farm work. 

 One morning as one of the daughters went to milk their cows Latham ask her if he could try milking her cow for her, which she found very funny, the thought of an American milking a cow. Latham had his chore for the rest of their stay at the farm.

Another high point for me was our trip to Ft. Campbell to visit the 320th Arty and eat at their mess hall with the troops. The mess hall was nothing like I remembered. It was more like a cafeteria. At the end of the mess hall were 3 ea. 42" TV monitors. On the left was Fox news for the conservative viewers and on the right was CNN for the liberals. In the center was a sports channel for the moderates.

The PX at Ft. Campbell is nothing like I remember it either, it is more like Wal-Mart.

The Riverview Inn hotel was a good choice in downtown Clarksville near Austin Peay University. The hotel did not have a sit down restaurant but there was a German restaurant 2 blocks away that delighted the Berlin Brigadiers. The hotel did have a nice bar that opened at 5 pm and was busy till closing time.

One thing we should keep in mind in the future reunions if anyone plans to drive their car or a rental on Ft. Campbell they must show 3 things. Driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance in order to receive a pass at the main gate registration building at gate 4.

Our business meetings were a success. Our Chairman David Smith (who is a non profit organization attorney) has given a good deal of his time and thought to reviewing or bylaws and made recommendations to update and make changes to keep us out of problems with the state of TN. where our charter is registered. These changes were approved by the board and put into effect.

We had some new officers come on board and Rodger and Leone finally got some help in running the association from our new generation of members, the Berlin Brigadiers. These new officers and involvement from the Berlin Brigadiers gives us some confidence that the 320th Field Artillery Association will transition into the next generation.

Hope to see you all at the 2011 reunion at Clarksville this time in August during the Week Of The Eagle celebration at Ft. Campbell.

Thank you, Jack D. Johnston, Vice Chairman 320th Field Artillery Association.


From Military.com 21 Oct 2009


VA Expands Agent Orange Illness List
The Department of Veterans Affairs established a service-connection for Vietnam veterans suffering from Parkinson's disease, ischemic heart disease (IHD) and B-cell leukemia’s such as hairy-cell leukemia.


“Do you have any Information such as the above to share with our readers?”

Message from our new 2010 and 2011 Association Chairman



News of the 50’s 

Cliff Hodge


The write up by Ray Soule has inspired me to accede to Rodgers' request and relate “What happened to Cliff Hodge” since our return from Japan. First of all, let me again thank Rodger for all his work ‘finding” us and for his many efforts ram-rodding the group.


Like Ray, I was assigned briefly to the 101 DIVARTY and got discharged in December of 1956. I remember walking out of the main gate of Fort Campbell and hitchhiking north in the rain. I met my father in Springfield IL at his brother’s house, and from there we returned to New York City where life went on. I fully intended to re-enlist because I liked the army way of life and was planning to go to OCS when I returned. This was not to be.

Like a lot of others, I got a job, enjoyed dating, and never followed through on going back. I often wonder how my life would of been different had I re-upped. However, I do think of those times in the service and of all my buddies. I did see Frank Febus 2008.I met him in New Jersey near his home where we had a great time of reminiscing.


I stayed in NY until March of 1959, when on the spur of the moment I drove to California to seek a new life. What generated this move was a phone call I made from an Irish Bar in NY on a snowy Saint Patrick's eve to a friend in Hermosa Beach CA. He related how that day he had washed his car in his bathing suit and was going “skin diving” the next day. One week later I was on the road to sunny California in my 1958 Chevy convertible.


I moved right in at the beach with three other New Yorkers and started to adjust to the “California” life style. It fit me well--beach volleyball, swimming, partying in Manhattan Beach, and enjoying the “good life” .Shortly after I arrived, two major things happened that changed my life. First, I met my wife Charleen. We have been married 46 years; have two grown sons, and two grandchildren. Second, I was stopped for a ticket and the Officer suggested I consider joining the LAPD.I did and it turned out to be the career of my life (29 years).


Police work, starting in 1960, was different than today’s high tech variety. One example was the fact we were “pinned” to the car for communication. The first thing I learned was to carry a dime for a public telephone. Another example was that people were less prone to violence and defying authority than now.


It was a good life and I loved every minute of it I worked all over the city in many roles, mostly patrol early on and detective assignments later. I went up the ranks from patrolman to sergeant, lieutenant, and finally Captain. My last assignment was as Commanding Officer of North Hollywood Area in charge of about 500 Officers who delivered patrol, detective, vice and community relations service to the area. I retired from the Department in 1988--almost 22 ago!


After retiring, I taught at a local college for three years and then packed that in. A friend of mine suggested we buy long-distance road motorcycles and go around the US.(We had been off-road desert racers for many years).We did, and over the next 12 years or so went all over North America--almost 400,000 miles--of which my wife participated to the tune of 30,000 miles on the back seat.


Present day, the motorcycles are no more and my main activity is golf. I play four times a week at a local club and am holding on to a single digit handicap by the skin of my teeth.


My health is very good, as is my wife’s. We are very happy here in Westlake Village CA, where we have lived for 32 years. I attend a local Christian church and am trying to live a Christian life. I am at peace with the Lord and have been so since 1967 when I became “born again”--thanks to my wife who has been the best thing that ever happened to me.

Cliff Hodge


15 Sept 2009

Hello Jack,
Thank you for your condolences. Yes, my father was in the 17th A/B 680th GFA. And was commander of the 14th FA. He was very proud yet humble of his service in both 17th A/B and the 14th FA. The 14th FA was especially special to him as it was his first major command. He truly loved the Army. Attached are a couple of pictures of him, one as a young A/B trooper after his transfer to the 101st in '45 and the other taken a few years ago at a 17th reunion. Thank you again for your sympathy. If there are any other pictures that any of you may come across of Dad please could you pass them along to me?
Paul Madden


I took Ray Soule HQ Btry 55/56 home on leave with me one time and this is in response to a recent conversation we had concerning that visit.


You are right Rodger, You and Leone had a 54 Chevy as I recall. Also we went to a movie downtown and walking by a store that had a stuffed Raccoon in the window and I did not know that was also called a Coon? Boy, was I just in to spend the egg money> My Granddad used to tell me about his Coon hunting days as a boy in Kentucky and I did not know what kind of four legged critter it was, but not a Raccoon?

Every time I pass a Big Orange Schneider Truck I think of you and your driving a deuce and a half in Kumamoto.

When Sherry and I drive back and forth to Tucson we try to go a different way each time. Maybe this fall we will spend some time in the four corners area (AZ, NM, UT, and CO) as we would like to see the Hopi area and Mesa 1, 2, and 3. Did you ever drive this part of the SW?


(Editor’s note)

We just never know what life has in store for us. It was in July or August when Ray wrote the above note. We then received a note from Ray that Sherry had passed away October 6th 2009 and the following note more recently.


Hi Leone and Rodger... my life has a huge void as I move toward the holiday season, I just can not imagine Sherry not doing the turkey(s) and organizing the decorations and everything else that goes with the season. Fortunately, Kent (our oldest and will be 50 Monday) and his family will do Thanksgiving and both boys and wives will do Christmas Eve. Sherry always had one request of our family and that was that we could all be together on Mothers day and Christmas Eve and we will continue that plan. Really I am fine and will get through this... but as I recently said to my sister and brother in law (who celebrated their 65th anniv.)... Love each other daily because when it is over it is over.Enough said! Ray


We received a message from Faye Kraft before the Reunion that Leonard and Faye would not be able to attend the Reunion do to Leonard’s Health. This is the latest update from Faye. May we all remember Len in our Prayer’s?


12 Oct 2009 From Faye Kraft about Leonard

“B” Btry 320 54/56

 Last Friday, we were scheduled to go to Virginia Mason Hospital for the 6 month check up after the Pancreatic Cancer surgery in April. There was a blood draw, and then he had to drink some concoction in readying for a c-scan. The scan goes directly on the internal web at the hospital; so when we met with the Oncologist, she showed us the scan on the screen. Unfortunately, the cancer has spread with two spots on the liver and one spot in the lung, lower lobe area. In other words, Stage IV.


We are waiting to hear from Leonard's primary care Doctor. We would like to get a referral to the Seattle Alliance Cancer Center that is in consortium with the Fred Hutchinson/University of Washington Cancer Research. This is recommended by the National Cancer Institute. We want the best care possible and will get a second opinion from the Alliance.


Leonard feels great, he looks good, just tired - but he has been tired for some time. He eats well and we do have our 4 p.m. cocktail in the afternoon. Just one, but we like the habit!

 At the moment, we do not know more than what I have said above. The Oncologist didn't want Leonard to have chemo as she said the side effects would be terrible. But, this is Leonard's decision - only he can make this determination.

SO, we shall see - and take one day at a time. Faye


320/11th in Germany 1957


09 Oct 2009

Hi Rodger,

Marcelo Vargas new Mailing address is: 5 Montana Rd Bishop, CA 9351 (Everything else is the same)


10 Oct 2009


Thank you for forwarding the A Btry 320/11 Abn FA Bn roster. It certainly takes one back. Imagine! Well over fifty years ago!

 It is getting a bit frosty here in Cape Breton, so we will be heading back to Connecticut next week.

 John Denault


12 Oct 2009 Good News/Bad News


The good news is I found another of your Troopers:

Walter W Isztwan

40 Crestview Ave

Stamford, CT 06907-1907



Walter does not have email. He says he is doing well health wise and is a Proud Paratrooper. He related several stories from your time in Germany. He remembered several Sgts names, Nickel, Maciel, and Ford. Does anyone have a first name for Sgt Ford?? We think it was Charles L or H but not sure. If any of you have any info please let me know. Walter says he has a stack of the 11th Abn Newspapers "The Quick Release" from your time in Germany. He wants to send them to me but if someone from the 320/11 would like to have them I would rather you have them. If they come to me I will research them for more names of your Btry.



The Bad News is I received this yesterday from Christina Witka, Mrs. Bart Witka.



Bart Witka passed away from cancer on September 1, 2009.I know he enjoyed reading your updates. Thank you so much and The Best to you for your good works.

Christina Witka


12 Oct 2009

A note from Jerry Heflin A/320/11 1957 Germany in response to a question I had asked about a first name for Sgt Ford.

I am enquiring of a friend in Clarksville who I think knows him. I have seen Sgt. Ford several times at church meetings. If you don't get it before, I will send to you as soon as I find out.


News of the Viet Nam Years


20 Jan 2009

Note from Robert Horton HHB.2/320/64/65

Hi Rodger,

Happy New Year from old trooper Robert Horton. I don't wish to trouble you, but, I need to request another copy of the latest roster. We changed email clients and somehow it disappeared. I'll keep paper copies in the future.
With all the election hoopla I would like to find out another bit of information. In Jan.1965 myself and another trooper (whose name I cannot recall) were honored by being selected to represent Headquarters Battery in President Johnson's inauguration. We got to march down Pennsylvania Ave. and all the rest. Most of the small units of the 101st. were represented I would like to get in touch with him but have no idea how to do so. This is most difficult since I can't even pick him out of the unit photograph.
Can you help? If not then I completely understand.


11 Feb 2009 This from (1Lt) Ken Husby, Commo Officer, 2/320 Nov ’68- Oct ‘69. I’m not sure this was ever printed in the Newsletter

Captain Woodside (Mike) and I served together in the 2/320 in late ’68 and during ’69.We were on Firebase Anzio and Mike was our forward observer in the loch (sp?) chopper operating for the battery there. He was shot down by enemy fire, and it took several days to locate the chopper which burned badly. I was one of two to go to the medevac tent and try to identify the body. It was Mike. I remember vividly the photo of his wife and three children he always had with him. He was one of West Points finest, in my view, and showed great courage in difficult times. We shared a two man bunker on Anzio when we were both there. He was out often and was fiercely proud of his service. I have thought of him a million times over the years and hope life was good for his family after his death.


Although my father was a 30 year man, I went into the reserves after riding the freedom bird back to stateside I thought so highly of Mike I was compelled to write.


06 Oct 2009

From Webmaster Walinski


John Graham reports that James Claypool has been found. Here is his contact info:(937) 376-1079.Address is 1595 Texas Court, Xenia, OH 45385.John thinks he retired as a Command SGM.



The next groups of Emails are all from Vice Chairman Jack Johnston. Jack and I work together searching as he is a lot better in certain areas than I am.

06 Sept 2009

From Jack Johnston

I received this from Gloria McMullen. Jim McMullen is an A/2/320th 1964-66 Vietnam vet. Jim received a back injury about 3 years ago while assisting the unloading of bags of cement from his owner operator truck. He has not worked since and has gone through several surgery procedures since. He has been in pretty much constant pain.

Please pass this along to Jim's “A” Battery friends and our Chaplin Ken Sudduth.


30 Sept 2009

From Jack Johnston

On our A/2/320th roster we have Sgt. John H. Cheatum not found from Highland, North Carolina. On Martin Crain's “A” Battery Photos his name is spelled Cheatham. Please try a search using name Cheatham. He would be about 75 years old or more.

From Jack Johnston

 You and Norbert Carrillo were right about the spelling of his name. It was miss-spelled on the Crain group photo.

I called and left a message on Curtis’ answering machine today. He returned the call about an hour later.

 Curtis Ulenhopp was in the Army Oct 1960 to Oct. 1963. After artillery gunner and jump school he was 319th Arty. In the fall 0f 1962 he attended Ranger School at Ft. Benning, GA. He was promoted to Sgt. E-5. He was sent to A/2/320th Jan.1963 when the 2/320th was reformed and served as a gunner and trainer until ETS in Oct. 1963. After a short time as a civilian he re-enlisted but in the Air Force this time where he served for 27 years which made him a 30 year career man.

Curtis drives a city bus and plans to retire for good next year. He does not have e-mail but plans to get into that when he retires again. He is married and has grown children and grandchildren.

Curtis treasures his memories of his time as a paratrooper in the 101st Airborne and would like to attend our next reunion.

 Please send the new found 320th vet package including the “A” Battery Roster and membership application to Curtis,


04 Oct 2009

From Jack Johnston

On the A battery roster dated 6 July 09 it has Halford Logan as deceased date unknown. PFC Halford Logan was RTO for LT. James P Kelly A/2/320th forward observer on patrol with The 327 INF. on 9 Sept.1965 when Halford tripped an improvised explosive device that instantly killed him, Lt Kelly and 2 members of the 327th Inf. Halford Logan was from Los Angeles, CA.

Please update the roster to show KIA, & date. for Pfc. Logan & LT. Kelly on all rosters.

To the best of my knowledge Pfc. Logan and LT. Kelly were the first from the 320th Artillery to be KIA in Vietnam. 

Info. Per Nick (Gus) Guzinski.


07 Oct 2009

From Jack Johnston

New info from Ramundo (Ray ) Chavez, wife's name Lourdes, home phone # 714-528-2355. All other info on our rosters remains the same. Please add this new information per Ray.


07 Oct 2009

From Jack Johnston

Today Jim McMullen, Ray Chavez, Charles Geske, and I (Jack Johnston) met at Jim's home and had lunch at a nearby restaurant in Glendora, Ca. on the old route 66. Attached is a picture of us standing in front of Jim's classic cars. Left to right Ray Chavez A/2/320th 63-64 and A/2/319th 173rd 64-66 Vietnam, Jim McMullen A/2/320th 63-66 Vietnam, Charles Geske B/2/321 61-63, A/2/320th 63-64, Jack Johnston, HHB/2/320th 63-64.

Please forward this e-mail to HHB and “A” Battery vets with attached picture.

From Jack Johnston

 I got the updated rosters. Geske said that when you called his recorder ran out of time and he did not get your phone number. I gave him your phone number and he is going to call you. By the way he retired from Yellow Freight line (another old truck driver) and he was “A” Battery Commo Sect.

Please send Charles Geske and Ray Chavez a hard copy of “A” battery roster and application. I think Ray is a member. Is that what A/2010 means on the master roster? If not I will remind him when we meet next time this Dec. at the Southern California Chapter of the Screaming Eagles in Orange County. I am going to forward to you Jim's e-mail that has the SCCSC news letters attached. It is interesting reading. 

Ray went through basic and jump school with Dennis Bubnar, and went to the 173rd. Okinawa on the same orders as Bob Runo but 40 days later to Vietnam. Charles came to the 320th in Jan. 63 from the 321st. and shortly after that Garland Wright came over from the 321 to replace 1st Sgt Peplum as 1st Sgt. They knew each other at the 321st.


13 Oct 2009

From Vice Chairman Jack Johnston

I noticed on the “A” Battery and master rosters that Douglas Dahlberg is listed with no first name and no contact info. Last Wednesday Jim McMullen and Ray Chavez mentioned his name and I checked rosters when I got home. I located Doug on White pages and called him Sunday night. He said you had called him a couple of years ago but I think the info got lost.

I put Doug in contact with Jim and encouraged him to join our Association and come to the next reunion. I told Doug he could bring his wife and he said he would have to drag her away from her new husband. HA HA. Doug is single-divorced. Please forward this info along to our group. I will be sending approx.10 more names from “A” battery soon via the new found Troopers Roster.

Email from Jack Johnston

Doug said some one gave him a computer but he does not have it connected. He may or may not have e-mail anytime soon. If he does I ask him to let us know.

 On the 1963 A battery group photo the commanding officer J. Byrd attained the rank of General according to Jim McMullen and that his middle name may be Richard. In the 101st 2007 membership directory that I gave you there is a James R. Byrd with army e-mail and a phone number in Ohio.( LT. Byrd's nick-name was "Jay Bird"). James R. Byrd's military e-mail address is jay.byrd@us.army.mil his phone number 937-845-0436. I sent an e-mail last week and haven’t received a reply. I have not tried calling the phone number.

By the way the 101st directory only comes out every 10 years, The contact information in this directory is 3 years old or more.

I hear on the weather reports you all are getting your first taste of winter.


News of the 70’s/80’s Ft Bragg, NC


We have been in contact with a group of over 100 Officers that served in the 320th/82nd in Ft Bragg in the 1970’s. They have planned a reunion (their first) for early next spring in Fayetteville, NC. Several of them have joined the 320thFA Association and we hope to see more of them do so in the future. We also have made contact with quite a few of the NCO/s from the same time period.

I received a call from Ron Chewning today and we now have a correct mailing address and Email for him.

 While talking to Ron I asked if he had any info on anyone else. He said that his good friend William "Bill" Cook had passed away in Purcellville, VA in March 2009. Bill and Brooks information is on the Roster also. I sent a Message to Mrs. Cook asking for an Obituary or note from her and when I get it will update all of you.


I may sound like a broken record but we need information on the Enlisted men that served in the 1970's also. Were there any yearbooks of the units made up with pictures or unit rosters of any kind??? I'm going to write a letter to the 82nd Airborne Association to see if they have anything.


(Editors Note) In reply to my plea for information on the 320/82nd Noncom’s is this note from Jim Wipe.


I am still working on copying the 2/320th FA BN (ABN) 101st Abn Div (73-74) from the Div Arty yearbook. I also have photos of C/D/E Battery personnel of the 320th – 82nd Airborne Division Artillery. Taken from the 82nd DivArty Yearbook of 1961-1963. To what address should I mail them?? “Snail Mail” that is.


(Editors note,) I received the “C”, “D” and “E” Btry copies from Jim and have the names in the Data Base already. I will share copies with anyone that can help add a few first names to them. Following is the info I received for the Officers Reunion from Frank J Monaco


1st Battalion, 320th (Airborne) Field Artillery, 82nd Division Artillery, Fort Bragg, NC
1970's era Reunion
25-27 May 2010

1st Battalion, 320th FA 1970 (Guns of Glory) era officers:

Plans are proceeding for our reunion 25-27 May 2010 at Fort Bragg, NC. We have set up a “Google Group” (320th-fa-reunion-2010) to help manage the reunion – if you are a 70s era 1st Battalion 320th FA Officer and are interested, please click here to join or send me your contact information at frank.j.monaco@gmail.com .

Please respond: Yes, No, or Maybe by Feb 1, 2010 so that we can make the appropriate arrangements,

 Darl Champion has graciously volunteered to handle arrangements for our reunion at Ft Bragg on 25-27 May 2010. We expect arrivals on Tuesday 25 May with activities on Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 May.

Early plans are for a tour of the Airborne Museum in Fayetteville, a Divisional briefing on current organization and mission, and TBD. It is presently undecided whether or not there will be a divisional review. Divisional reviews are normally on Friday mornings.

We need a tentative RSVP from you. 1: Do you plan to attend?  2: Will you need lodging? 3: Will you have a POV/Rent-a-car? 4: How many for dinner on the evening of the 27th.

Please send responses to Darl so that he can make arrangements! Thanks!

Berlin Redlegs: C/94/E320


01 Oct 2009

From Kevin R. Workman

 Thanks for getting in touch with M/SGT Morrison he was my last 1st Sgt. at C/94th prior to me leaving the Army Having C/94thmembers coming onboard is an excellent idea this fosters a stronger bond among two separate units combining as one and will grow our organization to a much larger and better size.

 As Reunion planner I look forward to the challenge of making our next reunion one of the largest and most successful events ever held. Please feel free to contact me at anytime if I can be of assistance to you in any way.


07 Oct 2009
Berlin Redlegs,

 We have some more information for you. I was Googling this AM and found info on your old Battery Commander Col William Cosby. I sent him an email and his reply is below. If you Google "Col William N Cosby" you will get his Bio.


I had tracked Eddie Resto down to Plainfield, IL but could not get a phone number for him. I sent him a Newsletter to the address I found in Plainfield and he signed in on our Association Guestbook this evening. This was Eddies Message.

Please contact me at eddieresto@yahoo.com I was in Berlin from 1990 to 1993. “Note” Eddie came to the Reunion and this is Eddies Comment on the Website

“The reunion was awesome. Thanks to everyone involved”


Email from COL ret William “Bill” Cosby
Thank you for the roster. It seems that most of the E/320th folks on it are from after my time (1985-1988) but I do remember SGT Goings. I have
remained regimentally affiliated with the 320th since my days in E/320th even now that I'm a Foreign Area Officer and have not served in an artillery unit since 1999.

I was the Battery XO of C/94 FA when we re-flagged to E/320th under the command of David R. Hampton.
I'll forward your contact information to several friends from the 320th, some of whom are still on active duty. 


07 Oct 2009

From Kevin Lowman,

Unable to attend the Reunion as I was registered and ran the Ironman Augusta 70.3 triathlon event down in Augusta, GA that same weekend.
 I was in Berlin from April 1984 till November 1985, back when it was still C Btry, 94th FA.I was in Commo, A Team, also did Advance Party, was the mine sweeper, and also the M-60 gunner for the A Team.  Great Stuff!
 After Berlin I went back to Ft. Gordon to re-train into MOS 36L, then went to Ft. Bragg a couple of years then finished up in Belgium at SHAPE, or Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe.

07 Oct 2009

I sent a message to many of the Berlin Redlegs recently that we have email contact only on and was hoping to get some blank spaces filled in. I sent one to Steve E Lind and this is his reply.


Greetings Rodger, 
Yep this one works 

Or cardinalred52@verizon.net is another option. It's always good to hear from a fellow BB Redleg.
Take Care, “was nicht umbringt, mach mich starker”


I took the liberty of dissecting both addresses and the first is an address of the Illinois State University at Bloomington, IL and the second is if I’m correct the School Colors of the same. I searched for Steve Lind in IL and found one in Atlanta, IL just a few miles south of Bloomington. I have added this information to the Data Base but show it as not confirmed at this time. I do believe I’m correct though. rodg
Note from, Kevin Lowman C/94 Berlin Redlegs.
 Thanks again for all the work you've done. I have a couple of additions/updates for your roster.
First for me, I left Berlin as a SP4 but went on to make SGT while stationed at SHAPE, Belgium. That was my last/highest rank when I left the Army.
It was still C Btry 94th FA when I was in Berlin, in Commo on the A Team. People can find me on Facebook, as Kevin Lowman from Kernersville ... in the Winston Salem, NC Network.
Here are some folks I remember from my unit, but don't have any contact info on them:
SP4 Mike Love - C Btry 94th FA, Commo, 83/86?
SP4 John Trinidad - C Btry 94th FA, Commo, 83/86?
SP4 Jerry Baum - C Btry 94th FA, 84 till 85-86?
SFC Turner - C Btry 94h FA, Commo, 83/86? (Not sure of first name)
1SG Morrison - C Btry 94th FA, 82/85? (Not sure of first name)
SGT Rivera - C Btry 94th FA, Commo, 84/86? (Not sure of first name)
SGT Peluso - Harry? - Not sure on first name, C Btry 94th FA, Commo, 83/86?
SPC Vaughn - C Btry 94th FA, Commo, 83/86? (Not sure of first name)
SGT Deese - C Btry 94th FA, Gun-Bunny, 83/86? (Not sure of first name)

If I think of more I'll email you,
 Kevin Lowman

(Editors note) Thanks ever so much for the information Kevin. I hope to have all of it added to the Data Base by the time the Newsletter is out.


10 Oct 2009 This note just in from “Big Al” Alvarez


A Bravenet.com Forum

This is 1/Sgt David Brackett's re-enactment group. Brackett is one of the Berlin Redlegs. He is serving at Ft Campbell and will be out of the army next year. He will make Clarksville his home. His re-enactment group would like to put on a show for us in 2011. They do WWII re-enactment. I have seen the pictures and they do a great job. He did not make this last reunion. He was out in the field. But I did get to meet his wife. They are very good people. I know for sure David will make the reenactment show happen. Rodger please pass this to our brothers. BIG AL


Note from rodg,

 I want to thank all the Berlin Redlegs that attended the Reunion and stepped forward to serve on the board as Officers and volunteers. Big Al is our new Vice Chairman, Deric Henry is our Sgt at Arms and POC for Ft Campbell and Clarksville. Kevin Workman and Michael Birthelmer have volunteered to plan the next Reunion. You Berlin Redlegs are to be commended for your Spirit of "Willing and Able"


I have sent the Email roster to most of you and keep getting asked why you are carried as (Not Found) N/F on the Roster. We do not consider you "FOUND" until we have a USPS Mailing address and at least one phone number for you.


When you change your email address without notifying the Association you are gone again. Please help us out and send me your address and phone number today. If you have not received a roster lately just ask.


15 Oct 2009 from 1st Sgt Morrisson

SFC Turner resides just outside Fort Knox with his family and is working in Louisville. I will see him when I go to visit my brother.

Rodger, I was a 13F (Forward Observer) with the Berlin brigade C/94 but none of the names you keep showing were anyone I knew. Do you have any contacts from 1982 - 1984 for the artillery?
Bruce Sarber

14 Oct 2009 Kenny Adkins and I have been emailing back and fourth and I have received much information from him on the Berlin Redlegs. One guy he wanted to find was his good friend Randy Summerhill. Kenny knew he had been in Colorado Springs, CO and further searching gave us addresses in Colorado Springs as well as in Myrtle Creek, OR. When no listed phone was in found Oregon I contacted a next door neighbor with these results.

I just talked to a neighbor from across the street and they will give Mrs. Summerhill our phone numbers. It sounds like Randy has been in a wheel chair and is now in a nursing home. I will let you know if I hear anything and you do the same for me if she calls you.

I have 5 lists of names and some pictures from you so far. Thanks for the help. rodg

The Neighbor got a message to Randy’s wife and I sent the following note to Dianne Summerhill just after I talked to her husband Randy. I found out that Randy has lost both legs due to complications. He has vision problems and has had several heart attacks. He is in a nursing home again at this time.

Dianne, This is Rodger Jacobson with the Berlin Redlegs, 320th FA Assoc. and just checking your email address for now. I will send a note to the guys that have email and give them Randy's phone number so they can call him. I have attached the 12 page roster for Randy. You can visit the 320th Association Website and Guestbook to see the names of a lot of the Berlin Redlegs that have signed in. Rodg

Dianne, I had no indication from Randy that he had any problems at all until we were almost done talking. I offered to give him my email address and he said he couldn't see good enough to write it down. He then said he had also lost his legs and had several heart attacks. He said that he wanted to move to Oregon as you had family their.

 I didn't ask but did Randy have Diabetes?? I Drive Ambulance for our local Rescue Squad and we have a lot of problems with Diabetic Comas Etc. We cover a large area and have four different State Hiways so cover a lot of accidents that are caused by these comas.

 I received a 2 hour phone call from Ken Adkins yesterday. He said Randy and he were just like Brothers. He is doing a lot of searching for Berlin Redlegs and seems to be a great guy as all of them are. The Berlin Redlegs are the most active group we have. This is partly I'm sure because they are younger and all have Computers and know how to use them.

Thanks again,



18 Oct 2009

From Dianne Summerhill,

I printed the e-mail for Randy. I wanted to ask you though if when you e-mail him make sure you mention Berlin in the subject line so I don't delete it thinking its junk mail because I don't recognize the name. Thank you,


Comments from the Berlin Redlegs about the Reunion from the 320th Website

Great site and thanks for keeping everyone together. From the pictures, it looks like you all had a great time at the reunion.

Keanan Caudle

This year’s reunion was awesome. Thanks to everyone involved.

Eddie Resto


Just wanted to say that this was a great reunion...We had a great time can't wait till the next one. Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Diamond


Sorry I couldn’t make the reunion. I've seen the pictures from the reunion. They were nice. I'll make the next one. Later Redlegs,

Carl Lorenzo Tyler

Hi guys, Sorry I didn’t get to this one. I'll try to get to the next one. It will be good to see all the Redlegs. Lewis Camerer

Berlin Redleg 82-85 What a great 2009 reunion, thanks for allowing the C Btry 94th FA Redlegs to attend.
Bob Threadgill


Wasn't able to make the reunion, due to starting new job recently, but will (hopefully) make the next one if it's close enough to Fl. :-)
Thanks Rodger and all involved in making all aware of the great organization we all belong to. Bill Goings


Hey Roger,
Just note to let you know how much my wife and I enjoyed the reunion.
Keep up the good work.
Stephen Schwetz CW3, USA (Ret.)


I was at the 2009 reunion and it was great. One of the best things that has happen to me in a long time.

Wendell Scott


We had an OUTSTANDING reunion. I loved every minute. We will have many, many more. I'm honored to meet everyone. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! Vic “BIG AL” Alvarez


Just saying "Hey, Steve Clark


News of the Present Day Troops


 (Editors note) The following article is courtesy of P. Carter Newton, publisher of the Galena Gazette, Galena, IL. Due to the length of the Article it will be continued in the next Newsletter. The Entire story will appear on the 320th Web-Site

            As our nation prepares to celebrate the anniversary of its independence this coming Saturday, many of you are looking forward to family and community celebrations, fireworks or a relaxing day on the golf course or on the river.

While all of these activities are fun, relaxing and bring an interesting mix of generations together, there are stories about the people and institutions of this great nation which are worthy of some thought and consideration.

We’d like to do this by telling a story of an uncle and a nephew who share a common heritage, passion of service and how an eagle insignia is passed from one generation to the next. Their story is one of hard work, sacrifice, love and travel and shows the grit, courage and compassion of the American people.

As the nephew begins a military career, the uncle shares these bits of advice:

1 An officer’s word is his bond. Your reputation is only as good as your word.

2 Be a good soldier.

3 Take care of soldiers–always.

4 Set the example with your actions, not just your words.

5 Lead from the front–soldiers watch their leaders.

6 Always do your best, regardless of the duties you are assigned. Not every job will be the one you want, but do your best and it will all work out.

There is something universal about this advice. Replace teacher for officer and student for soldier; the advice holds true. Replace manager for officer and staff member for soldier; the advice holds true.

The advice comes from a life of experiences for the uncle. Born in 1927, he grew up on a farm near Scales Mound.

The nephew notes, “Those of us who grow up on farms or in small towns learn the value of hard work very early and it becomes part of us. We learn not to expect rewards for merely doing your job and we learn the value of teamwork and what it means to be a member of a team.

“Whether it was baling hay, milking cows or playing baseball or basketball, it was all about teamwork and everyone doing their share to the best of their abilities so that larger goals could be accomplished. Even if you weren’t the biggest or strongest, you had a role to play and the rest of the team counted on you.”

There was a life beyond the farm for the uncle. He joined the Army in 1952. He served two tours in Vietnam and was stationed in Germany and Italy.

As the nephew grew up, he looked up to his heroes. “My parents, sister and brothers set a tremendous example for me and taught me a lot about life, especially my parents. Their dedication, determination, hard work, love and support truly make them heroes for the way they lived their lives and the influence they had on others.”

The nephew had other heroes. Two other uncles served the nation in the Air Force, one as a career electronics repair technician. A cousin lost his life in Vietnam. Their photos hang prominently in the family home.

“We were taught that they were also role models for dedication to duty, service to others and sacrifice for a cause greater than self,” Marty stated.

When the uncles made an occasional visit to the old homestead, the nephew peppered them with numerous questions.

“I developed an interest in history” the nephew noted, “especially military history. During their visits I would ask all kinds of questions and I’m sure I wore them out with my inquiries.”

In 1978, the uncle went on another adventure. He was assigned to the United States embassy in Tehran, Iran, as the military attaché. This assignment took a huge twist on Nov. 4, 1979, when militants overran the embassy and took the uncle and 51 others hostage for 444 days.

The uncle, Col. Leland Holland, endured this ordeal with his head held high and pride in tact.

Things, though were a bit crazy on the Holland family farm. A continuous stream of national media ventured there to give the Holland family perspective.

For brother, Ed, juggling the lives of his children, hosting an exchange student, operating a farm operation, handling the journalists, maintaining a marriage, keeping a watchful eye on his mother and finding ways to keep emotions in check, proved to be challenging.

“I was going crazy,” he said with a chuckle.

For Marty, the nephew, the kidnapping didn’t diminish his interest in the military.

To be continued in the next Newsletter or you can read the entire story on the 320th FA Association Website. www.320thfieldartilleryassociation.org


Please do your part and show your support by joining the 320th FA Association.

Thank You, Your Association Officers