June 2007


The 320th Website address is: 320thfieldartilleryassociation.org

Reunion Information and Registration Forms, Newsletters, Photos of last Reunion, Guest Book, History of the 320th and Much More


The 320th Field Artillery Association  Reunion date is 27/30 September 2007.


 Holiday Inn, Exit # 4 I-24 Clarksville, TN.

Reserve your room Now Deadline is August 25 2007

To reserve your room you MUST call the Clarksville Holiday Inn Directly at 931-648-4848 and ask for the rooms reserved for Reunion Code “RDR” (Red Devil Reunions)


The closest Airport to fly into is Nashville, TN and is about an hour and a half each way by the Shuttle. Shuttle service is available through, Jarmon Transportation 1-866-341-0146. Rates are $45.00 one way or $70.00 for the round trip. They have 5 shuttles daily. Nashville Airport to Holiday Inn Shuttle is at 8:00 AM, 11:30 AM, 3:00 PM, 6:30 PM and 11:00 PM. The return Shuttle from the Holiday Inn to the Nashville Airport is at 6:20 AM, 9:45 AM, 1:15 PM, 4:45 PM and 8:15 PM.


Your time to register for the Reunion is short. Those with email were notified several weeks ago and many have registered. We hope to see you in Clarksville.





Great News - 320th Website


                We have a website up and running!

There will be many changes made as we move forward but we have an association website! We have had offers in the past to get one started but we never got beyond the talking stage. I was in no position to manage such a technical job and it just got put off.

                In March of this year, Vice Chairman Tom Walinski volunteered to take on the job, the Association Officers authorized the expenditures and Tom has already developed the website. The address is:



                Tom, we as an Association owe you a huge debt of gratitude for taking on this job of  creating the website. Thanks ever so much!


News of the 50’s


Some of this news was filed away and missed in the last newsletter. In other words I filed it and forgot where the file was.


12 December 2006

From Monte Meador, B Btry 320 53/55

PO Box 116

Hattieville, AR 72063-0116         501-354-8603

Dear Rodger and Leone,

                Thanks for your phone call and the information you recently sent to me. It really got me to thinking which is unusual since I’m at the age where I stop to think and forget to start again.

                I wanted to thank you for your efforts in finding the troopers who served in the 320th and 508th airborne units. Also for the reunions and mini reunions, the newsletter etc.

                I am enclosing my dues and donation for 2007 and a wish for you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.

                 Thanks for taking the initiative for this task. It has brought many, many memories to me. I do appreciate “you all” so much.

Thanks again,


13 Feb 2007

                Note from Earl Gilman, B Btry 320, 51/55, in reply to a phone call I made to him.

                In our phone conversation you said you’d send me some info if I had an email address to send it to. The computer at home is so slow that my daughter-in-law “Karen” said you can send it to her work. Her address is: karen.gilman@hebco.com  

(Please note this is Karen’s work address so please don’t send any forwards or unnecessary mail. This is just to contact Earl. Thanks - Rodg)

                I’ll be looking forward to catching up on some airborne news and thanks much for the call. I hear Jewell McWilliams is facing more surgery on the 19th of February so we need to hold her up in our prayers.

                I’m presently in Florida but will be back in Oklahoma in early March. I’ll be looking forward to a 320th reunion before the year is out if there is one in my reach.

As ever,



Note with dues from “Bill” Treat

                Hi, I’m getting along pretty good at this time. I just got back from deer hunting in Tennessee. I had pretty good luck. I came home with three. I hunt the Fort Campbell Post and the two counties, (Montgomery and Stewart) around the Fort.

                I had open heart surgery in 2003 and gall bladder surgery in 2005 while vacationing in northern Mi at Travis City.

                Well this is all for now. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Airborne always,

Bill Treat


26 Feb 2007

                Note with dues from Mary Waddell, A/320/51/54 in Dayton, OH.

                We have had a lot to contend with. Ed is on home dialysis. He is doing very well right now.

                I had to have a kidney removed last April and when I got home from surgery, we found out

about Ed needing to go on dialysis. It was a bad year but think we are both doing okay now.

                Take care and may see you at the reunion.

Ed and Mary


01 March 2007

Letter from Andy Novak HQ Btry 320 55/56

Hi Rodg,

                I thought I’d drop you a few lines just to touch base. At the end of this letter I’ll give you my son Andy’s email address.

                I decided to pull the plug from work at the end of May. I’m 71 and I’ve had enough. It gets harder every day. I used to enjoy going to work but the fun has gone out of it. They’re selling some of our buildings to an outfit from Philly. There’ll be a lot of changes and my pension fund has taken some hit’s the last week or so.

                I’m going to the Legion I belong to and make plans to join the VA Hospital in Wilkes Barre. I can get my pills for $7.00. I’ll need an insurance plan for Doris but should be alright. From what I read about some of the other VA’s ours is pretty good. I got to thinking about Bob Henning the other day so I wrote to Ruby.

                Rodg, do you have an email address for the 101st Abn Div? I’d like to have Andy see if he can find something on the 501st Signal Bn. I served in.

Well, that’s about it for now.

Your airborne buddy,


Andrew “Andy” Novak

27 Russell St

Edwardsville, PA. 18704-2308




25 March 2007

                This from Dennis and Susan Bubnar,


                Our son Ty is out of Iraq in the "safe" zone of Kuwait. His whole unit, the 2nd battalion/325th Airborne Infantry Regiment/82nd Airborne Division, is on their way home to Ft. Bragg, NC for the next few days. Ty flies out tomorrow. He will be home for his wedding anniversary with his

wife, Terri and their 2 children, Megan and Mathew.


                For those of you that don't know, he is the Bn. Medics NCOIC. His 30 field medics, including himself, worked with the platoons constantly. Both in Baghdad and Mosul the units were so spread out the medics never set up an aid station, they had to run with the troops. At least now days our medics are fully armed and able to protect themselves.

                The Bn. incurred 73 casualties throughout their deployment of which 71 survived. The 2 fatalities were 1 KIA and the other died in surgery at a rear area CASH hospital. For these two lost souls there were unit held memorials over there and will be memorial services back at Bragg when everybody is home again.

                What our pathetic news media doesn't tell us; almost every day, over the course of their deployment, the medics aided hundreds of local civilian men, women and children with care they've never had before.

 Dennis and Susan Bubnar


Finding New 60’s Troopers


29 March 2007

      Do you have anything on Mike Welch? I have been in touch by e-mail and am going to call him. He seems to think he may have given you some info but I don't see him listed on the 60's e-mail list. He has been going through a divorce so things are in a mess probably.

      If you don't have anything I will start from scratch. He is one of the vets I got off the screamingeagles.org site. He takes a long time answering e-mails because his soon to be ex-wife has the computer.

      I am not actively searching for anyone but do search e-mails I have sent out in the last few weeks that straggle in. 

      Thanks, Jack D. Johnston, North Hills, CA



                I have his name in the database but no address or phone number. I think I had his email address but never had any real correspondence with him. Just give me all the info you have on him and I will try to find his information. I must not have had much as I never put him in my email address book either.



                I just talked to Mike Welch C/2/320/66/67 in Utah. Note that the cell phone that he will use for contact has a Las Vegas area code. He is retired so he can be contacted most any time. The e-mail he will use is his girl-friend's and it is ok with her to send correspondences to Mike to her e-mail.

                I filled Mike in on the 320th Airborne Field Artillery Association, and the reunion in September. Please send by e-mail the package that you normally send to newly located vets.

                Mike's dad was in the 82nd airborne and landed in a glider in Europe on D-Day. He was Edward Earl Welch.

                Mike lives in the same area within a few miles in Utah as Greg Goddard, they were in the same battery at about the same time. They may not remember each other though.

                Please enter the following information on Mike into our rosters and notify those that need to know.

      Michael Earl Welch

      7082 Kings Estate Dr.

      West Valley City, UT. 84128

      702-493-9211 Cell


      C/2/320th 66/67

Thank you,

Jack D. Johnston, North Hills, CA.


                Please pass along the information below supplied by William Perry B/2/320/67/68 that was missing from the 60's e-mail list so their rosters can be updated.

Thanks, Jack D. Johnston
Hi Jack,

My address information is:

William Perry

2843 Dearborn Ave

Rochester Hills, MI 48309-


How is it going finding new guys?



Email I sent to the 60’s guys 29 March 2007


                I have been updating some of our inactive names and addresses from our database. Jeff' Carlson’s phone number has been disconnected. I have been making phone calls in the Minonk, IL area to try to locate Jeff again. Several days ago I received a call from a Carlson I had called and left a message for in the Minonk area. He told me he was aware that Jeff had passed away about five years ago.

                He also knew that his wife had contact with Jeff's wife at a beauty salon at about that same time. He is doing some searching to find Jeff's family if at all possible.


Follow up by Rodg:

                I never heard from the Carlson I talked to but the SSDI records show that Jeffrey L Carlson DOB 27 May 1945 passed away 9 February 2002 in Minonk, IL.

                I would like to ask all of you if you have any information on anyone else? The following list of guys are those I have on the database that we have old addresses for and that need updating. I will furnish any of you the old address if you will try to help find your friends. I can assure you that if you help, we will come a lot closer to finding all of them than what I can do on my own. I never personally knew any of these guys as I served in 1955/56 but I will help all of you if you help me.

                I need an age as close as you know, who the friends were in the service, what part of the country he came from and/or city/state. Anything you can do will certainly help.

                I have email, mailing addresses and phone numbers on over 30 of you. I have another dozen

found that do not have email. We have names of 50 others that served in the 60's but not found.

                All of this information is available to you to help find any of these guys:

  Charles R Corona (found and updated as of 27 July 2007)

  John Cottrell

  Ronald Eades

  Robert McCormick

  Charles McLaughlin

  Roger Parent

  Dennis Reed

  Ronald Spivey

  Wilson Wilder



                You may already have this info, but maybe it will help:

  Rodger Parent - Springfield, MA

  Ronnie Eads – Washington, DC (Ret Police Off.)

  Ronald Spivey- Nashville, TN

  I spoke with Dennis Reed a few years ago. I believe he is in the state of Washington.

Jack D. Johnston, North Hills, CA.



04 June 2007

Hey Rodger;

      I talked to Jack F. Maloney in Peace Dale, RI last Saturday. Jack was C/2/320th from June 66 to July 67 in Vietnam. I am going to CC Joe Montoya and Tom (Waldo) Walinski on this e-mail as Jack says he remembers Joe and is pretty sure he remembers Waldo. Jack is one of the vets that I got info on while going through the screamingeagles.org guest book. He had signed the guest book back in 2001.

      Jack is retired from the Providence, RI. Fire Dept. He was a paramedic/fireman for 20 years. He was also an accomplished marathon runner and his stats can still be seen on line.

      I got some names of 320th vets that Jack served with and they are proving to be some tough ones to locate so far but I will be working on them and let you and Jack know what I come up with.

      Jack is interested in membership in the 320th Field Artillery Association and our reunion this coming September in Clarksville, TN. Please send to him by e-mail the package you normally send to newly located 320th vets that will include the membership application with the news letter.

       Please pass along Jacks contact info to those that may have known him and have his info logged into our roster. Also send him the Dan Gribbin group photo as he will probably recognize

some of the NCOs and Waldo holding the 320th banner.

Jack D. Johnston, North Hills, CA.

      Jack F. Maloney

      26 Samuel Rodman St.

      Wakefield, RI.02879




13 June 2007

Hey Rodger;

      I have info on a Capt. Charles P Brooks B/2/320 1970 Viet Nam, he was FDC. He was

probably born 1941/42 from an east coast state and was a West Point Officer. He was probably a career officer. Do you have a contact with West Point Alumni locators? There are just too many Charles Brooks to locate him under normal methods. (Read on for info found on Brooks)

Jack D. Johnston, North Hills, CA.



                I contacted West Point and they do not have Capt. Brooks’ address. They do have his son’s address and forwarded our request to him. So far we have not heard from him.



15 June 2007


                I am trying to locate Sgt. John D Reese, RA18562083, year inducted was 1960-1961, we were pals in Nam 1965-1966, back in the early 90s at a couple of reunions, I could never find him.

                Also when will the registration form be ready for the September Reunion?

Johnell Boykin,



17 June 2007

Hey Rodger;

      I have located two more B/2/320th troopers

      Dave (Doc) McGalliard took over medic duties in addition to other duties when their assigned medic was hit and had to be evacuated.

      I had written down Dave's information from the screamingeagles.org web site. He had signed the guest log in 2001. His info has changed since then so it took a while to locate him.

Dave McGalliard  B/2/320th 1969/71 Vietnam vet

4101 South County Rd. 900 West

Daleville, IN. 47334

765-744-7818 Cell



Dave had been going to college when he got his draft notice. He elected to answer his call to serve and resumed his education after service and has taught school in Indiana ever since.

      Please send to Dave the package you normally send to newly located 320th vets and have him listed on our master roster and mailing list. I filled Dave in on the 320th Field Artillery Association. He is interested in becoming a member and attending the reunion.

                From Dave's info I got Capt. Charles P Brooks name who you are currently working on locating. (It is noted elsewhere that we are still trying to locate Captain Brooks).

                Dave gave me Larry A. Faletic's name. After calling most of his family I was able to reach him in Illinois. Larry has worked construction and had worked on a project in Daleville not knowing his old friend Dave lived there.

      Larry said his buddies in Vietnam had trouble with pronouncing his last name so they tagged him Foxtrot. Foxtrot does not have e-mail but his wife does and he was going to get her address and let me know what it is.

                Larry says she has trouble getting e-mails so go ahead and send the newly located 320th field artillery vets package to him by snail mail. I will try to make contact again to get the e-mail address or maybe you can contact him. I tried several times today but was not successful. He is interested in becoming a member and attending the reunion. I filled Larry in on what the 320th Field Artillery Association is about.

      Larry a. Faletic (Foxtrot) B/2/320th 1970/71 Vietnam vet

      2733 East 800

      Altamont, IL.62411

      217-821-2812 (Cell )

      I have info on another officer they served with and will send it to you in a separate e-mail as my hunt and peck finger is getting tired.

      Thanks, Jack D. Johnston


27 June 2007

                I located Jerry Lee with help from Bob Wishard. 320th vet Roosevelt, AZ. Jerry L Lee is from Southern CA. And was raised and went to school within 1 mile of where my wife and I have lived for the last 35 years in North Hills, CA (it used to be Sepulveda, CA).

                My wife Edith worked in the cafeteria at both the middle school; and high school where he went but this was years after he left the San Fernando Valley. Jerry is in Gig Harbor

WA the same town Col. Bill Leathers 2/320th 65-67 is retired to. Gig Harbor is just northwest of Tacoma, WA and just across the bay from Richard Aggen HHB/2/320th 62-65 commo section who resides at Mukilteo, WA. Dennis Bubnar had been working in Tacoma for the last couple of years but is now back home in Port Hueneme, CA.

      In the Dan Gribbin HHB 2/320th photo Jerry is standing 2nd row from the top, 4th man from the left. I emailed the photo to Jerry.

      Jerry is retired from the Seattle Fire Dept. Jerry is an active outdoorsman and consequently has a moose hunting trip planned at the same time as our 320th Field Artillery Association Reunion which is scheduled in late Sept.

      On our master roster Jerry is listed as not found and thought to be in Sanger, CA. which is not accurate. Please send by e-mail to Jerry the newly located package and forward this info to all HHB vets during his tour of duty time frame.

      Jerry L and Cheri Lee

      4803 Old Stump Dr. N.W.

      Gig Harbor, WA 98332



 Thanks, Jack D. Johnston


29 June 2007

Note from Sue and Richard Jarvis HHB 63/66

Hi every one, I finely got a computer that runs correctly and hopefully won't crash on me!!! I also have a new e-mail address: scottertrash1950@msn.com 

I hope to hear from you soon, sure miss the chatting. Sue (Hopson) Jarvis


Hi Sue and Richard;

      I know what you mean by computer problems, ever since I upgraded to Verizon strange things happen. Speaking of strange things, Rodger Jacobson's computer crashed last week so the

320th Field Artillery Association is off line ‘til he gets it fixed and hopefully we did not lose information.

      Since last fall I have located about 35 320th vets from 1963/72 era and Rodger has located way

over 200, so our age group should be well represented.

                I think Richard got the word that all of the guys in the downstairs barracks have been accounted for except Bruce Davis. Richard may not have got the word when we located Cecil Payne, George Serna, Richard Aggen, Tom Carmody, Guzinski, Diminni, McKearney, Wishard, Lenz, Kimmel, Glenn, Hasselhoff (deceased) Sgt. Gribbin and some others that were there when we were there.

      I will be sure and have your new e-mail address put on the mail out roster when Rodger is back up and on line so you all don't miss any info.

                 I have a cell phone now # 818-631-6716

      Best regards, Jack Johnston


01 July 2007

      I have a copy of orders with 33 name for Commendation Medals HHB, C, and D 2/320th 1969. The only name on this list that we have located and is on my copy of the roster is Richard Kwas.

      The 1st 33 names are 320th, the last ones are 321st who may have been 320th at one time or another but were not at the time.

      These orders are from 1969 and this was after the army started using social security numbers instead of the ASN. Do you have a cross reference for what part of the country SSI numbers were issued? The 1st 3 digits of the SSI are for where the number was issued. There should be a cross reference available somewhere?

      Anyway, I will be sending these 33 names, 31 of which we at least can check against the SSI death index and post to our roster when found or not found. After I send the e-mail locating the vet that supplied this roster I will e-mail it to you.

      I am officially retired now so will actually have less computer time as most of my searches

were on company computer at work when nothing else was going on.

      How are the tomatoes coming along?

      Thanks, Jack D. Johnston


 02 July 2007 

Note to the 320th officers from Rodg


                I visited with Mrs. Madden this evening. Col Madden is on oxygen 24/7, has beat cancer twice and is now in the early stages of alzimers. His short term memory is bad but can and does visit with a few of his old military friends. One of them is Col Bob Jones, if any of you know him. Mrs. Madden said he lives near Clarksville, TN. I didn't press for an address at this time.

                Mrs. Madden said it would be okay to send the association newsletter and would like to receive notes from any of you that knew Col Madden. I also have permission to give you the Maddens home info.

Col (ret) William R Madden

2916 Rocky Ridge

El Paso, TX. 79904-2420



Note from Jerry Lee HHB/2/320/65/66

                Hello Rodger,

Glad to be in touch with previous buddies and other 320's guys. Thanks for all the work of locating and putting the list together. I have a hard time believing that 40 some odd years have passed?

                I still take great pride when seeing things on the tube and usually the 101st is there with the Screaming Eagle patch always present. I feel kind of sorry for the 82nd as we get all the press and kudos.

                In 1962, fresh out of jump school and at the mercy of the army and some PFC which made up the list, I was sent to Ft Campbell, KY. The repo-depot sent me to some newly activated outfit called the 2/320th Artillery. Now it is all history, and quite a history it is.

Jerry Lee


 July 2007

                I was looking over the old Thanksgiving Day 1955 dinner menu several days ago. I used

that menu to start this reunion business. As I ran across some names we haven't had contact with for some time I made some calls.

                I got Aaron Washington's wife Brenda in Tulsa, OK and visited as Aaron was at work. He called last evening and we had a nice visit. Aaron hasn't heard from anyone and was asking about a lot of you. He asked about Sgt Montoya and Mertz as he had worked in the FDC section at one time as well as supply clerk for Sgt Childress when we first went to Japan.

                Aaron and Brenda's info is:

 Washington, Aaron

 1530 E 53rd St N
 Tulsa OK 74126-3815
 Phone: 918-425-0471


                 I used to get together and meet with Bill Winters HQ Btry 54/56 when I was trucking. We had a lot of good visits even though his health was very bad. He had moved from Pittsburgh, PA to the Mars, PA area which made it easy for us to get together. I occasionally stayed at a motel at the Mars exit on the PA turnpike that had good truck parking. I hadn't seen or heard from Bill since I retired from trucking so tried to call him and his phone was disconnected.

                When I couldn’t find a phone number for Bill I began to fear the worst and checked in on the SSDI (social security death index.) Sure enough I found a William H Winters, DOB 1935 that had passed away in Scranton, PA in 1994.

                By this time I was feeling pretty bad and not thinking to clearly. I took a short break out in my flower garden to clear my head and then it finally dawned on me that I had visited Bill at his home after 1994! I went back to my computer and did some more serious searching and found a phone number for “Bills” wife Eleanor. The address and number were near where they last lived so I called and left a message on the answering machine.

                The very next day I received a phone call and this guy starts gabbing away like crazy. I finally asked whom I was talking to and he says, “Bill, Bill Winters.” He was the last guy I would have guessed. Prayers are answered!

                The next call I made was to William "Bill" Turner HQ Btry 54/56 in Bradenton, FL. Bill and I had met and visited at a restaurant near his home about 15 or 20 years ago. Bill took care of his

mother for many years until she passed away several years ago at age 97. 

                Bill had been living in her home and providing care for her. He has recently moved and has recovered from some serious surgery. He says he is in good shape again and can walk 3 1/2 miles with no trouble.

William "Bill" Turner

715 50th St Ct S

Bradenton, FL 34209-3809


                My next call was to Tom Hankins A/HQ Btry 55/56 in Rison, AR. Tom says he is doing great and that he thinks of you guys all the time. I had also stopped and visited Tom when I was still trucking across this “Good Old USA”.

Tom Hankins

PO Box 769

Rison, AR 71665-0769




27 June 2007

      As you know Rockford “Rocky” Wayne Goddard was in HHB/2/320th 1964/66. Rocky went to Vietnam and returned with the 2/320th in May 1966. He hung out with some of the survey guys, in particular Bob Wishard of Roosevelt, AZ. Rocky asked for and received a transfer to an infantry unit. Rocky MOS was personnel specialist and while at the 320th he worked for Sgt. Donald Propst (Dcsd 1998) or Ernie Jensen (Dcsd 2006) at Bn. HQ.

                Rocky joined the 327th airborne infantry unit and shipped out shortly to Vietnam and was KIA in June 1966 in Vietnam.

                In the last few days I have located and talked to Madge Goddard, Rocky's mom, from Ft.

Collins, CO, as well as his brother Mark. With Mark's permission we will use his e-mail and Madge's address and phone number as family contacts.

                Please have that information posted on our master rosters and mailing list and send to Mark by e-mail what you would normally send to newly located 320th vets. Mark is a successful business man in the financial field.

      In the Dan Gribbin group photo Rocky is 3rd row in, 5th man from the left.

                Please forward this e-mail to all 320th Field Artillery Association vets. If they know of any other 320th troopers that were KIA to let me know and I will try to locate info on them and have it posted on the 320th Field Artillery Association Roster.

      Anyone that remembers Rocky contact Madge - she would be glad to hear from you.

      Mark Goddard (brother)

      Madge Goddard (mother)

      3348 Dudley Way

      Fort Collins, CO 80526-2573 



 Thanks, Jack D. Johnston  


6 July 2007

Hey Rodger;

      Please have the following info entered on the 320th field artillery master roster. Information is from ancestry.com Vietnam War U.S. Military Casualties and from witness Ronald Keener who was with John when he was KIA.

      John Daniel Vandivier born 12 Aug 1949 KIA near Binh Dinh South Vietnam 28 Apr 1970, John's rank was e-4, he was single from Indianapolis, IN. The cause of death is listed as rocket or artillery. His unit was D/2/320th Field Artillery, 101st Abn. Div.

      There are no veterans gravesites listed for John D. Vandivier.

      There are lots of Vandivier names on public records in Indianapolis and around the state in case anyone would want to contact the family.

Thank you,

Jack D. Johnston

Sick Call


                I talked to Monte Meador recently and he had a massive heart attack 04 February 2007. As a result he had quad bypass surgery. He had a collapsed lung and then more surgery to correct his sternum which failed to heal correctly. I talked to him today and he was doing as well as could be expected but he says he wears out easily.

                Monte said he has to have further surgery 15 August 2007 to install a defibulator and a

pacemaker. These will hopefully correct some of his present problems. Monte, you are in our

prayers! (Note Monte’s address is on page one of this newsletter).


24 April 2007

                Joan Ducharme (Mrs. Walter Ducharme, HQ Btry 320 54-56) had carotid artery surgery earlier this year and only stayed in the hospital over night. She recovered well and didn’t even need pain meds.

                She goes back for a check up in a week and to have sutures out. I’ve talked to Walt and Joan several times since and she has been doing just fine.



Lemuel C. Arnold 5 June 1936/19 April 2007. He was an “A” Btry. communications/ wireman 1955/1956.

                Lem passed away in his chair in front of his ham radio where he spent much of his time.  He was given a military funeral and the minister was a 101st trooper.

                Lem’s wife Joyce is the daughter of infantry Sgt Ray A Burnett. Joyce and Lem met in Camp Wood, Japan where her dad and Lem were serving with the 320/508 ARCT in 55/56.

                Joyce can be reached at:

Joyce Arnold

479 Wadlow Gap Rd

Kingsport, TN 37660-6545