Dave Kilborn

I progressed from PFC to SGT during the year and a half that I served with B/2/320 from April 66 to Oct 68.


I jokingly tell my friends that I figured out I would make more money flying helicopters than by jumping out of them.  Which, really means that I finally passed the test to attend flight training before I left Viet Nam.


I then spent the remaining 17 years of my Army career as a Helicopter pilot. I even served another tour as a helicopter pilot from 1971 to 1972.

David C. Kilborn, CW4, (Ret) Today
Sp4 Dave Kilborn 1966
Sgt Craig and Sgt Harget Gun Crew

I unfortunately don’t remember which “Gun Section” it was, but here is a picture of our gun crew.  The two NCOs were Harget and Craig.  I think Sgt Craig was the SSG and Harget was the Sgt.  I could be wrong in that though.  Two of the other guys are Tom Reddington in the loading position and Tony Leverette holding the round.

FDC Crew

The next picture is of the FDC group, about to be transported to the next LZ.  Chuck Boeke is in the Center of the picture, with SP5 Neaves to his right and Charlie Brown on far right.  I dont remember the name of the guy on the left of Chuck  Dropped that one too hard was for the picture in the album, to the right of this picture.  It is of a broken howitzer that was apparently dropped while setting down at the site and it broke.