These Photos were taken at the 101st Abn Div Association

Western Kentucky & Tennessee Chapter location during a 320th Reunion

circa 2012.  Nick Guzenski served with Hq & Svc Btry from the reorganization in 1963 and through the deployment to Vietnam 65-66.  Dennis Bubnar was dressed in a WWII jump uniform from Liberty Jump Team.  These are the last pictures we have of Dennis Bubnar and Joe Montoya at a Reunion.  Both have since passed away.   All of these guys served in the 2/320th 63-65, except Bob Runo who transferred to the 173rd Abn Brigade in 64 and then served in VN in 65.  Nick Guzenski, Joe Montoya and Tom Walinski deployed to VN on the Eltinge and served in VN with the 2/320th until 6-66.



Nick Guzenski, Dennis Bubnar, Shannon Cash

Bill McCreedy, Shannon Cash, Joe Montoya, Jerry Briggs

Dennis Bubnar, Tom Walinski, Bob Runo

Dave Smith, Bill McCreedy

Bill McCreedy, George Serna, Jerry Briggs, Shannon Cash

George Serna, Jerry Briggs, Shannon Cash

George Serna, Shannon Cash, Jerry Briggs, Bill McCreedy