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Welcome to the 320th Field Artillery Association!  We accept into membership and represent anyone that has ever served in the 320th FA from 1917 (WW1) to today's 101st troops at Ft Campbell, KY and those deployed.  We also offer membership to close relatives of those who served.  Our dues are paid annually or once per lifetime and no one is ever turned away from lack of ability to pay membership dues.  There are complimentary memberships for widows and widowers.


We had a gentleman in the Association who passed away at the age of 110 years.  He served in WW1.  We have WWII Glider Troops who served with the 82nd, 50's Korean War Troops who served with the 508 ARCT, Vietnam era, Grenada, Desert Storm & Desert Shield, The Berlin Brigade (including C/94th Arty.), Iraq and Afghanistan and more.  Many of these served in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80's with the 82nd.


We have information on 2,000 101st men and women.  Of this group, about 500 are from 2000 to present.  We are adding more all the time and many are Active Duty and have a Military E-mail address.  As soon as we get a large enough group we sort names by Batteries and we will share with you as appropriate.  We try our utmost to never compromise anyone’s privacy and we don’t share contact information unless you say it is okay.  A call or e-mail to me will tell you if we have found your friends.  If you have information on someone that served in the 320th Artillery you want added please send it to the writer.  My contact information is below.  Please be as complete as possible with the information you have on hand.  Name, address, e-mail, telephone number, DOB, unit where served, dates of service, rank, hometown, relatives, where they entered the service, who they married, who are their children, who they divorced, when they died; just any and all information you have is helpful in contacting, updating , finding, and keeping our database up to date.
We have been hosting 320th Reunions in Clarksville, TN every other year since 1987 as well as Mini Reunions all over the USA.  Our next Planned Reunion is September 14-17, 2016. We pray that any deployment of the Active Division will be concluded by that time and we can welcome the troops home!  The 320th Field Artillery Association supports the Active Duty Troops in any way we are able.  In the past, we have done such diverse things as brought families together for visits and supported the St. Barbara's Ball a number of times. 
Our Website is www.320thfieldartilleryassociation.org.  Please sign our Guestbook and browse the Newsletters and Reunion Photo's. Enjoy the photos from Vietnam and several stories from WWII.  My info is in my signature below. Please use my Association Address below and put "320th Artillery Association" in the Subject Line.
Welcome to the 320th Field Artillery Association!
Rodger G Jacobson
Founder, 320th Field Artillery Association

Po Box 14, Hazel Green, WI 53811-0014

Telephone: (608) 854-2317
In God We Trust